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Kujira Validator Guide


This guide assumes you have followed the Node Guide.

Create a wallet

  1. Create the wallet and a password for the keyring. Replace <wallet> with any name you like, just make sure to remember it!
    kujirad keys add <wallet>
  2. Store your wallet seed and keyring password somewhere safe. Use the command below if you ever need to recover it.
    kujirad keys add --recover <wallet>

Create a validator

  • Replace <moniker> with your validator display name.
  • Replace <wallet> with the name of your validator wallet.
  • Set the --commission values to your desired commission rates.
  • Modify the chain-id from kaiyo-1 if mainnet isn't the target.
kujirad tx staking create-validator \
    --moniker=<moniker> \
    --amount=1000000ukuji \
    --pubkey=$(kujirad tendermint show-validator) \
    --from=<wallet> \
    --chain-id=kaiyo-1 \
    --commission-max-change-rate=0.02 \
    --commission-max-rate=0.15 \
    --commission-rate=0.05 \
    --min-self-delegation=1 \
    --gas=auto \
    --gas-prices=0.00125ukuji \

Backup your keys!

It's very important to keep a secure copy of your validator's private key, which will allow you to recreate the validator if anything happens to your server. Take a backup of this file: $HOME/.kujira/config/priv_validator_key.json. If you restore it to a new node, it will begin signing blocks as your validator. Be very careful! Signing from two nodes at the same time will result in a hard slash and jailing.