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Bitcanna Statesync


Statesync helps you get up and running quickly by syncing the application state at a recent height and skipping historical data.


The node should not be running for this process (stop the service if you have one).

  1. Install dependencies if you don't have them already.
    sudo apt install -y curl jq
  2. Login as bcna. Change the user if it's different or skip if you're already logged in.
    sudo su -l bcna
  3. (Optional) If your node has existing synced data, reset it. Backup your keys!
    bcnad --home $HOME/.bcna tendermint unsafe-reset-all
  4. Run these commands to modify config.toml with the current statesync settings.
    LATEST_HEIGHT=$(curl -s $RPC/block | jq -r .result.block.header.height)
    TRUST_HASH=$(curl -s "$RPC/block?height=$TRUST_HEIGHT" | jq -r .result.block_id.hash)
    sed -i.bak -E "s|^(enable[[:space:]]+=[[:space:]]+).*$|\1true| ; \
    s|^(rpc_servers[[:space:]]+=[[:space:]]+).*$|\1\"$RPC,$RPC\"| ; \
    s|^(trust_height[[:space:]]+=[[:space:]]+).*$|\1$TRUST_HEIGHT| ; \
    s|^(trust_hash[[:space:]]+=[[:space:]]+).*$|\1\"$TRUST_HASH\"|" "$HOME/.bcna/config/config.toml"
  5. Start statesyncing! This command will stop automatically once the node is synced.
    bcnad start --halt-height $LATEST_HEIGHT
  6. Restore the original config.toml to disable statesync.
    mv $HOME/.bcna/config/config.toml.bak $HOME/.bcna/config/config.toml
  7. Statesync is complete, start your node!
    bcnad start